Here we come Dubai...

So it is the tinsel town of the middle East... wait i have stories and pics to post.. I willexpand on my quick posts below soon...


shagarila health culb
UAE Entalisat
Fairmont ...Spectrum on one..cheif from Penjab ...6 Çusine ...tai...indian..europ..arabic..japan.......chinese
-Emerites Towers ... head off 4 jeremia intl ..Bar...shusi...ET guys
meria @ shangsrila
-internet city...media city
-medina Jemeria..resort..shopping souk....pisices seafood....jambase jass restaurant....trilogy club
-mina a selam....boutiq hotel
-Jeremia Beach club exclusive
Arabian Dune Dinner Safari
four wheel drive over rolling dunes
pass margam village..
dune busting on margam desert
camel farm
hajar mountain like rocky mt..w
camel ride
dinner on Bedu tents
belly dancer under galaxy of stars w arabian music
henna tattos
arpmatic shisha
-Shiek Al Maktum 4 brothers
-Mahlid Tagin
-Hal Family


My First trip to Istanbul and Dubai

Yes, Istabul - Turkey.

I would be astranged if I did not check in at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, with the view of Bosphorus!
My trip before Istanbul was thru Paris, so I have eyed up some Morrocans at the airport loung in Paris, then Istanbul , and belive it or not, they happen to have checked in the same hotel.
On my check-in to the Hotel, I saw them again, they were going out to dinner, and given how stylish they wore, I could not help but to ask where they were going and the hot spots around town. It so happens they are frequent travelers to Istanbul and so i decided to join them, bringing my friend alonmg, who was suppose to meet me at the same hotel. My friens lives in Dubai and we decided to meet in istanbul as he was planning to vacation thee and I was doing my glob trotting. I have know him for years, so I know i could tag him along eveywhere.

So here started the fun.... also do not forget to check out the pics below. Thank god for our digitals, for if not, I will have to describe everything to you, which I have no time to. ...so enjoy!
Ok...this are my notepoints I will get to them later:

Laveda Spa - Hammam (Turkish Bath) - Sultans - Turkish ottoman style massage - Bolentl
RC Bar ..best malt wisky & cigar selection w live music
-Presents a European posture...gov is secular...no state religion...i.e muslim..chatolic..ortod..armenian..russian..protestant etc..are well represented..haigh sophia
crossroads of the ancient world's trade routh...crossroad of 3 great world religion...crossroad of conflicting and converging ancient civiliz...Byzantium..Conistantinopol...and now Istambul
-many five star hotelsl..
- Food...turkish delight..lokum..sushi...nori wrap...shihkibab..teriyaki..veget paradise..fish from blk sea...tukish coffee
Dinner Club @ Club 29
-Haghi Sophia..
-Istical St.
-bosphorous..a heavily traveled waterway in center of istam...from Marmara Sea to BlackSea
-Grand Bazar...big fish market..ferry to princess island...@ Ali baba restaurant
four seasons - former prison
-hasan diker ritz carlton - carpet
90 212 251 76 25 GSM 05326785762
Divan Hotel -- Lokem tukish delight
ce n est que partie remise ma cherie.
j espere te revoir tres prochainement .
Missed u already.
Bisous pudique.
In the reign of Constantine The Great, Byzantium was renamed as Constantinople, and became the