Prague Czech Republic- Paranomic City of the World!

June 2012:  Found myself again in Prague. 

  I have been here few years ago.  City had not changed. Much of the historic sites by the Palace are still ongoing renovation.

The cities beauty strikes one as most romantic, first time I had visited Prague, I swore and said that "Prague makes Paris look overdone".   Prague's natural beauty between the old and the new comes together so natural with its history of aristocracy,

communism and now trying to adjust to a new form of democracy.  But the city is full of Tourists as you can imagine especially this time of year when summer is just starting, plus the Euro Cup was keeping the city full of people including the locals hedging their way to the popular Hyundai Square., where Hunddai sponsors most of the events.  Great local music band  playing, also I notice the same in the ICANN gala night halls.  These people know how to rock!
Here some pics to share with you.