Nov 2011 - A Trip to Magnificent Masai Mara, Kenya: African Cats

The King of the Jungle, soooooooo Majestic !
All pictures shot with my Sony CyberShot Camera 10x
Arriving at sunset

Beautiful scenery driving
Gateway to the Park

My room at the Sarina too large for one!
The Sarina Resort Hotel at Masai Mara

The view by the pool! 
Yes he is eating his lunch, a deer!

Our night entertainment!;) give him
words and he will string it into a song!

A lion
Z Hippo Pool

Gee thanks need some fresh Air


Woops car is coming!

With the Masai Chief
Breakfast with a Mitchell,
a friend visiting from Oz
Welcome Ceremony at Masai Village
Women come out to sing for their visitors
No headlight, but she was
caught by the Camera;)