My Travel to Egypt Plus Plus

Tried to follow-up with most of this below. My favorite was Shalm El Sheik. Egypt is one of the top attracting touristic destinations in the world as it is privileged by 40% of the world's monuments as well as beaches, resorts, desert safari programs
The Sinai Peninsula
-'a thousnad square kilometers of nothing' -Once part of the ARAB penninsula, after terristoral devastation which led to the isolation of Senai gave rise to two large gulfs:
-Gulf of Suez to the west
-Gulf of Aqaba to the east
Mountains rage from 700 to 2500 meters
Sharm El Sheikh
-Village that developed as a result of the 6 day of the Israelies until the Camp David agreement gave Sinai to back to Egypt
-Between the rock mass of Sinai and behind the incredible blue of Red Sea, sand dunes, rare oasis, camels and tents of the Bedouins.
-Na'ama Bay: touristic center with avant-garde facilities: Novitel, Jolie Ville Golf Hotel ( Movampik)
Ever hotel has its own beach, casinos
-Shark Bay, aquatic village
-El Fanar: beach and coastline, crstalin waters
-Dahab beach
The Rock world -rocky forms caused by the wind's erosion.
-most maginificant moving sites, world of rugged rocks, sand dunes, secrest of Bedouin life,
' a world of rock and sand, of solitude and silence - world in which man can hope to fid himself again.
Ras Mohammed National Park
-Large no of animals, transparent waters marked b one of the most beuatiful coral reefs of the world, more than 150 species of corals and fish, Monastry of St Catherene
Basilica of Transfiguration
Moses Mountain 2285 meters- Table of the Law
Mountain of st Catherine 2642 meters
Oasis of Feiran
-Underwter World
Driver in Cairo: Sultan 010-7575343
Phone No in Ciaro: 012-1340197