Summer in California - Close to Home!

Shopping @ Broadway Plaza
Arts Fair
I spent a great long Summer and Fall in the California, and thought I summarize my eventful times in between work hours before the Winter comes in.  Let us say after the glamor trip to the Grammys in early February in LA, I simply decided not to go anywhere if I did not have to,  so I stayed close to home Walnut Creek, but with flings to Carmel, or Tahoe locally and a bit longer affairs with Prague and Toronto.
B-Day Cele

The Yellow Color was Hot

When I know I have a must travel schedule for work, I savor the quiet private moments with myself.  My early morning coffee on my porch watching mount diablo, taking a brisk walk on the iron trail or biking once in awhile, going to my gym, enjoying my group classes such as yoga, zumba or step aerobics, playing golf or going to the wine and summer art festivals of the various local cities.

I have frequented my favorite massage parlors downtown, having fun with the new bright nail polish at the posh  manicure houses that keep opening up everywhere, shopping and trying our new restaurants, the new one and my favorite that I can also walk from my place is Citra Grill, a Mediterranean Cuisine.  They serve great wine and have shish kabobs of any kind.  Fresh cooked simply to be tasty and everything lightweight catered to the health conscience.

Citra Grill

I like to sit out on their porch and watch the whole town buzzing with beautiful people and the service is excellent with personal attention!   I frequent the Movie Theater across it which allows me to stop by for a meal after or before a show.

Friends come to visit for lunch or dinner and it has been relaxing and good spending quality time with them.

I have also celebrated a birthday in June and it was nice to be around.  Lots and lots of quality time with Family members as well. What a delight!

My daily routine at Petts
Coffe after Yoga
The rest of the time, I spent writing a chapter or two of my book on Africa.  It is not hard to write while the events are happening everyday on my screen, i.e emails and current events and my famous project activities.

Obama Campaign was big in WC
Some fun with the Obama elections and running the Walnut Creek International Marathon!. So as pictures tell a 1000 words, I have posted some to share!

Our shoes were subject of
the party photographer.
 Mine was the black boot
Some photo's below at the Symphony, as well as with a gals at a Charity held for Classical Revolution Concert at Peter Getty's residence in San Francisco.
Running the WC International

@ Lake Tahoe



Prague Czech Republic- Paranomic City of the World!

June 2012:  Found myself again in Prague. 

  I have been here few years ago.  City had not changed. Much of the historic sites by the Palace are still ongoing renovation.

The cities beauty strikes one as most romantic, first time I had visited Prague, I swore and said that "Prague makes Paris look overdone".   Prague's natural beauty between the old and the new comes together so natural with its history of aristocracy,

communism and now trying to adjust to a new form of democracy.  But the city is full of Tourists as you can imagine especially this time of year when summer is just starting, plus the Euro Cup was keeping the city full of people including the locals hedging their way to the popular Hyundai Square., where Hunddai sponsors most of the events.  Great local music band  playing, also I notice the same in the ICANN gala night halls.  These people know how to rock!
Here some pics to share with you.


Nov 2011 - A Trip to Magnificent Masai Mara, Kenya: African Cats

The King of the Jungle, soooooooo Majestic !
All pictures shot with my Sony CyberShot Camera 10x
Arriving at sunset

Beautiful scenery driving
Gateway to the Park

My room at the Sarina too large for one!
The Sarina Resort Hotel at Masai Mara

The view by the pool! 
Yes he is eating his lunch, a deer!

Our night entertainment!;) give him
words and he will string it into a song!

A lion
Z Hippo Pool

Gee thanks need some fresh Air


Woops car is coming!

With the Masai Chief
Breakfast with a Mitchell,
a friend visiting from Oz
Welcome Ceremony at Masai Village
Women come out to sing for their visitors
No headlight, but she was
caught by the Camera;)