25 April 2009- I don't know to CEO

It was a great occasion to meet the who is who of Silicon Valley at the "I dont know to" CEO conference, hosted by Stanford Women In Business (SWIB) conference: It was a lesson learned on how I as a CEO was disconnected from my career vs. the company I keep building ...we all had a great time and the organizers were fabulous.
Here was the press release from SWIB: View From The Top: Changing the Face of Technology -Featuring people that have made great impact! Each of the outstanding panelists has changed the way we think about the Internet and beyond. With its revolutionary technology, Pandora has taken music by storm; YouTube has altered online video and sharing all around the world; Friendfeed is transforming how we learn from our friends' online discoveries; Gmail and Adsense shattered old conceptions of email and online advertising; Shmoop is putting education on a whole new platform; Yahoo! brought the Internet into the hands of the average Joe; and CBS International brings powerful advanced information technology to the developing world, with long-standing initiatives to bring the internet to Africa. How does one little start-up end improving so many millions of lives? What makes these people passionate about what they do? Learn how you can be one of these people whose lives affect the face of technology. Press by SWIB more


16 April 2009 - Vellamora Spain- BURN THE FLOOR!!

Went to see Burn the Floor at the Post Street Theater in SF!, organized by A-list, indeed an amazing dance sensation. So much energy, talent, beauty and enthusiasm with all the dancers!

I thought I was in Vellamora Spain, a casino/dance show. Burn the Floor is an international sensation! No cameras allowed, so I have noting to share with you. So here is the 2007 versing of the show from You Tube....

In fact the costumes here was the same, although they change almost 7-8 times throughout a 2hr show.