Back to Walnut Creek -the usual ways

Ok back to regular lifestyle of Wk, although I came back without my travel bags and only my carry on...Early Gym seeing my buddies, (Jet lag is also best for this), happy I did not gain any weight in this trip, coffee at Pitts & Scala, post office, wholefoods, Prima 4 drinks, shopping the stores for what is new, movies , calling friends , I sure feel back. Although I travel well, (business class seats & lounges for Internet, 5 star hotels with Gym & concierge services, carry my wholefoods with protein and other V-stuff), there is nothing like coming home again around my books, music (although I carry my MP3 on my trips), art, NPR radio and especially my regular hangouts of WAC, the IIE, parties at A-list, and being able to read my regular magazines and browse the Internet in my bed!