Birthdays in June Paris ..

Paris in June: Here we come.. the Sophie invasion!! Too anxious to meet my old time friend Sophie, after we decided to celebrate our B-Days in Europe this year...so we chose Paris. Two Sophies, myself and Sophie traveling from Irland and 2 other Irish girlfriends of her living in Paris...
Left ..Starbucks in Paris...so chic looking...
My Hotel -Westin Paris , also the chic address, not far from the Buddah Bar and Carton Hotel, hip hangouts; taxis take over 25 minutes to catch, must be so you admire the city while waiting, yes, we have checked out Hemingway Bar, Maxim's, Le Cab by Pl du Palais Royal, and the amazing Libresens Cognac bar and dinner at Perision Hall is a fantastic end!

Yes, I wanted to stop over and pay my Salute to my also old colleagues in ICANN - as the 32nd International Public ICANN Meeting was happening on 22-26 June 2008. Glad to have retired from the Council, and be a regular citizen of ICANN, I also got to announced our dot.africa initiative at the public forum.

Other times, just touring around the beautiful city that seem endlessly glamorous was fun and playing 'pose' as a model is a must, especially the same place that I used to be photographed over 10 years ago!!! 'Strike a pose';-)

Le saine