Feb 9-14- THE 54th Grammy Weekend!! A PRICELESS EXPERIENCE

My Limo to the McCartney Pre-Grammy 
Person of the Year Award dinner
Flew from Nairobi to San Fran,   a touch down for repacking, and also picking up my red Carpet gown from my residence, to catch the Grammys 4 days later in LA. Lucky enough,  yes VIP guest of Master Card (seem like we won a Grand price ticket, but I was a guest of KenSwitch/ MasterCard !   who also were sponsors of the Grammys!. We were representing Africa region), An amazing Limo pickup from airport by 2 men (both tall & good looking for that matter) one black and white already made me feel like a STAR in need of Security protection!    They picked my JUST 2 piece luggage and asked if I am staying beyond the weekend, which got them a  frowning"are you suggesting I have too much luggage?')"  I continued "   I tell you wise man, if you want to be on the good side of a women, do not bring up the issue of luggage".   He then knew what he was up to, we had a great chat along the way til he dropped me at the Ritz downtown, next to Staples,where the Grammys were to take place.   Continuous entourage of hospitality people took care of me at the welcome reception in the Club room to register and sip Champagne until I decide to go to my room.

Live McCartney, imagine, I hate
Concerts, this was exclusively 
All about the Beatles

The ladies dresses!
Yes Yes, Katy Perry across our table
The rest of our weekend Itinerary was history, black ties, limos, spas, jewelry and read more....the pics says it all!.So the highlights by our host was a Grammy pre-dinner MusiCares Gala Person of the Year Tribute Dinner at LA Convention Center, featuring Paul McCartney,  guess who was sitting just across:  KatyPerry, Richard Branson, (the cameras will not take eyes off off   him, he must be tired of this) and also we can see his table for McCarthy, his wife and co. A tot bag of fabulous gifts including Beatles CDs etc..were waiting for us before getting into our Limo again and off we went to our Ritz Club room to hang out again.
Yes!, it is Richard Branson!

The Beatles Album in gift bag

The next day, breakfast is always at leisure, then optional Red Carpet Jewelry Experience, and other Spa day, next day was a bit of business networking session on Priceless Cities with MC's executives.
With Samuelsson's Wife

Another pre-Grammy evening event at the Art collectors Michael, on famous Rodeo Drive with a private lecture from both owner & art collector Michael Schwartz,
VVIPs: With CEO of MasterCard Ajay 
& Sr. Michel Schwartz to his lef
 as well as artist Alexandre Renoir, a grandson of French Impressionist painter, Pierre- Auguste Renoir along a great-showcase experience ; who then came with us to a Priceless Culinary Experience in neighboring Beverly Hills with world renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson, cooking for us at the Enoteca Drago, and his beautiful wife to dine with us. 

 Going to my room yes PRICELESS experience! I found a gift
 Photo Opp w Great Grandson of Renoir 
@ Michael Gallerie
MasterCard Pre-Gramy  Private function

Celebrity Chief Samuelsson
His autograph on our menu!
of great book on Samuelsson cooking and another on Renoir collections .  Nearly weighing 10lbs  together. Opps luggage?? all solved read more..

His Book & Renoir's placed 
 in our room

The Next day was the Grammy's Optional Pre-GRAMMY  "Res carpet" Styling"  get hair and nails done all by the host, , and later on gathering at the MasterCard's exclusive  Pre –Awards Private Reception,  with MC red carpet photos etc.., look like a rehearsal for  the real Grammy red Carpet pose. there were fabulous audience, music and cocktails and networking  with the who is who and beyond.  In our VVIP company was the CFO of GE  and Wife, Daughter of Hyundai Korea and husband and Exec team of of MC itself to note a few.   Every event we went to was a priceless moment, which has been the Campaign for MC in its promotion of "PricelessCities". and you thought I kept quite about dotafrica. No way.  I had my "priceless.africa" and" mastercard.africa" campaign going at every opportunity I got!

I almost got the dress of the evening Award!
At the actual 54th GRAMMY Awards Red carpet & show- Sun 2/12, we had a VIP host booth and watched it as if yes, one can watch it well on TV.  But to make the long walk to our seats interesting,, from the Limo driving with our dresses, we had a  parallel GRAMMY Red Carpet Experience at the Staples Center  along with the celebrities & paparazzi  we got the inside look at as the music industry royalty begin their journey into music's biggest night.  I was seeing Rhianna  take a Red carpet photo  right across (she has lost a lot of weight) and also Katy Perry.  We stopped for our own Red Carpet photos,  it was all fabulous! a PRICELESS experience Indeed.   Personal cameras were not allowed, & darn I forgot my iphone. however managed using others.
gifts more gifts placed in my room

With Colleague Barry R. of Kenswitch
Walking abt The Grove in Hollywood
4 coffee-g is certainly a tradition. 
Post Award, we stopped over for few at the Official GRAMMY Celebration After-Party LA Convention Center where winners & nominees celebrate,  catering was by chef extraordinaire Wolfgang Puck.  We had our own VIP section for 50 guests with private bar & buffet.  and picked up a gift bag at door went to the Ritz Club room and stayed up chatting for along with the other invited guests.  Yes, again I found a framed picture, wow! and Grammy CD and other stuffed gifts on my bed.

PRICELESS AGAIN!  Thank you MasterCard! Your team that were there were great  first class hospitality and so were the event organizers you chose Octagon, meticulously experienced with such events. The Ritz was an amazing hospitality as well.  The bed was made that I could never get out of it.  Sorry West-In, I think it surpassed yours!.    I wonder if my next invite will be from American Express.. ha ha.   do they sponsor the Grammy's;) ?? BTW, they shipped all gifts items nearly 50 lbs in total of it all anywhere u asked and I did to my California residence.

Bye Bye  Whitney.. xoxo

On a sad note, the announcement of our beloved pop artist Whitney Huston passing away brought great sadness to all and the occasion and we all gave tribute to her at the Grammys.

BTW, the last day of the event, I am afraid I had suffered from depression with all the highs for the past 3 days!.  specially opps when I have got to go back to work now.  Stayed few more days in LA back to Grove for some shopping, Valentine dinner at Chayas and more dinner outings at Hollywood's Hatfield's! Cheers and thanks for reading! !!