2013: Summer in the US - Lovely Lovely Lovely

Ok coming back to the USA is always a fresh of breath air experience and living in Walnut Creek is no less than a holly-wood experience all in one town.                    Everything I need is there that someone has to propose something extraordinary to get me out of this "i can do everything here, so what is your problem?" attitude.    So my arrival after flying around the world trip for the 7th time, is marked by my usual pampering of self;) include massages, manicures etc..before I get swamped with work.  
The Parisian pose. lol
Checking my list of invites send me first to a Beethoven Orchestra, the Summer Cocktails and wine tasting, which is always fun playing dress up, but put me to a relaxing sleep, need I remember my taste has changed since my last trip to Vienna Austria or I have been affected by my Zumba classes in my daily routine of exercise, but I seem to have lost my calm.. Interesting.

W/ Mom
Ecstasy !
My Mom came to visit, and was also my B-Day and so we had grand times!  My Mom loves the US.  She comes at least 2-3 times a year and enjoys every bit of it and us.
Z fashion earring)
As expected, she spends much time at the stores!  You go Mom!

The next day we also spent the day in Walnut Creek, same thing, shopping restaurant-ING, get her hair done and doing padi mani, and simply being silly around Mom.

Another day, we did some shopping in SF and drove off to the Tiburon  Peninsula in Marin County, a quaint place by the Bay, past the city next
My Sis w/ Mom
OMG, this shot is simply
Hallmark Moment
to Sausalito, to have lunch just between the three girls only.

We simply were having a glorious time.
In Tiburon w/Mom

That was the summer before I had to fly out again in mid July off 2 Durban South Africa for work.  Will chat later...