Jet Set to Puerto Banus - Costa del Sol - Spain.. no I did not tke the boat!!

Cities Spain - Puerto Banus
Marbella ( Queen of Costa del Sol)
--Celebrities & artstocrats
--Merbella club - by price Alfonso Von Hohenlohe 1953, of Liechtenstein for us3k.
Pauerto Banus (Costa's most exclusive marina)
--Palm, trees, neop Andalusian style architecure - mock minearets & moorish arches - is pristine while
--large Yatchs & celeberty spottin
--most cosmopolitan & sophisticated
--design boutics, intl hotels, huge estate agents, luxury car dealers, & gourmet restaurants
----Cannabis Plantation in Morrocc's Rif mountains - Costa del Crime

These are the keyworks for the Morroco.....gibrartar and costa de la sol triangle and yes i lost my Palm pilot as evidence of the Costa del Crime... read on...

PB is situated between Marbella and San Pedro (approximately 6 km from Marbella, click here for a and is home to some of the most impressive yachts in the world. There is a wide array of bars, restaurants and designer shops along the water-front at Muelle Rivera. As far as restaurants and bards are concerned, you will find that dinner in Puerto Banus, though expensive, becomes a pleasure for the senses, as you will find the best restaurants and the finest kitchen here.

Puerto Jose Banus was inaugurated in May of 1970. It has a capacity for 915 docking posts for berths ranging from 8 to 50m, and two beaches on either side over 150m long. Puerto Banus in Marbella is one of the meeting points where there is a pleasant level of life. The port has a fuel reserve open 24 hours a day, every day, with direct supply to large yachts on the main pier. There is 24 hour surveillance with centralized alarm for boats (optional) and closed circuit TV. Average daily yacht occupancy of the port is ay 760-800.

Puerto Banus nightlife is well known among celebrities, and there are countless clubs and pubs. In the summer months, the whole place rocks 'till daybreak' but expect to pay for it. There are hotels in Puerto Banus of all grades are plentiful but it will be cheaper for you to stay outside Puerto Banus. If you like discotheques and ending up dancing until high hours of the dawn we suggest the well-known discos La Notte, Olivia Valere, and Oh! Marbella, but if you prefer a more youthful atmosphere try Dreamer's.

Many illustrious visitors have passed through it, including the King and Queen of Spain and Belgium, General Franco, Nobel Prize winner Camilo Jose Cela, and Antonio Banderas among others. Puerto Banus' yearly visitors are estimated at over 4,400,000. There are nine 18-hole golf courses and one 9-hole golf course within a 10km radius with lighting facilities for playing at night. Some of these are considered to be the best in Europe. There is a street market every Saturday morning by the bullring.

my experience was to be posted from my lost Palm pilot, but soon to be posted here from memory.. BTW, I had a blast and only the pics can tell more...