Jet Set to Casablanca

The classic and much-loved romantic melodrama Casablanca (1942), always found on top-ten lists of films, is a masterful tale of two men vying for the same woman's love in a love triangle. The story of political and romantic espionage is set against the backdrop of the wartime conflict between democracy and totalitarianism.
[The date given for the film is often given as either 1942 and 1943. That is because its limited premiere was in 1942, but the film did not play nationally, or in Los Angeles, until 1943.]
With rich and smoky atmosphere, anti-Nazi propaganda, Max Steiner's superb musical score, suspense, unforgettable characters (supposedly 34 nationalities are included in its cast) and memorable lines of dialogue (e.g., "Here's lookin' at you, kid," and the inaccurately-quoted "Play it again, Sam"), it is one of the most popular, magical (and flawless) films of all time - focused on the themes of lost love, honor and duty, self-sacrifice and romance within a chaotic world.
If the Hollywood image of
'Casablanca' is important to you, prepare for a shock from Casablanca. The city is further away from Oriental romanticism than any other in Morocco, and Casablanca is a modern city - and beautiful in its own respect.
Chronic cannabis intoxication of a significant fraction of the male population still prevails in Morocco. The preparation used (kif) is a powder made from the dried flower of the female plant. It contains 2 to 3% THC and is smoked mixed with tobacco (1/3 of the mixture).
Previous reports have documented an improvement in night vision among Jamaican fishermen after ingestion of a crude tincture of herbal cannabis, while two members of this group noted that Moroccan fishermen and mountain dwellers observe an analogous improvement after smoking kif
On the other side of the Strait, Gibraltar is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. It is located in southwestern Europe adjoining the southern coast of Spain, a strategic location on the Strait of Gibraltar that links North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. The territory was under the Moorish control until 1462 when it was overrun by Spanish forces. The Anglo-Dutch force seized the rock in 1704 and the territory was ceded to Great Britain in the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht. Ever since, it has belonged to the United Kingdom despite several attempts by Spain to claim the strategic territory.

The rivalry between Christian Spain whose identity is based on the memories of expelling of the moors during the "reconquista" in the 15-17th centuries and the Moroccan Muslim dynasties is thus a red thread of the region’s history and social dynamics. The relationship between Morocco and Spain has deteriorated over the past decade and Morocco has refused to cooperate on many border issues, while rejecting all non-Moroccans who try to use the country as a stepping stone to Europe. The Government of Morocco has called for the integration of Ceuta and Melilla into its national territory, drawing comparisons with Spain’s claims on Gibraltar. 2000, El Ejido , terrorism in 2004, new government in 2005 and reconciliation…