The Algarve..@ The Golden Triangle..

So I jet set to the Algarve..and stayed at the 'Vale do lobo', most established resort of Algarve and considered the Golden Triangle. 100 metres from the beach and I stayed at the La Meridian on the Vale do Lobo estate., the largest most modern resort. I wanted to be close to Vilamora and the marina.
Then I took a limousine taxi the hotel calls for you (yes I pay 4 it gee.. why are not some things 4 free? just put it on the room so I do not feel it right!) great driver tough..dropped me at shopping center 20 minutes from the resort ...my style of designers, Zara, Salsa, Berska, Stradivarius, all the Spanish & Portuguese designs... I got an amazing jean shoes..back with a taxi, I then walked to the Hotels night club withing the compound.. were the English has colonized the place, all drunk as usual..one step inside, a group zoomed on me and as I sat at the bar and ordered a drink and lite up my cigar, they have already figured out who is to make the 1 or 2 or 3 move.. and who finally will take me home.. so here it comes. are u a model...wow! "yes, sometimes..but my body has checked out tonight" was my line...has a great time tough... their accent is entertaining for the lack of having fun w the Portuguese...so we danced and laughed all morning, ...and split civilly with everyone...

Few days of pampering, I got bored at the resort and asked the concierge to book me another hotel in Vilamora itself..( my, was that magnificent hotel and view) and Vilamora is Vilamore..very commercial, but was time to people watch and go out every night.. next is a pic from my catwalks on the avenues of the Vilamora marina.. i love it when i get the whistles.. many Irish/English type.. great fish and port of course in every restaurant... I took a days trip to Albufera, 2 hrs room town, had great time at the Vilamora Casino one night, Russian everything, naked dancers ...very classy...see more pics in My Travel section.