My Reflection on Traveling

I was happy that I could host my trip movies for free on google, smart ad kind enough to get us over 100mb more than others. So I stated thinking what I always contemplate ad strike conversation with strangers at airport lineups, despite that I ave reached a 'VIP' status on the air.

Next think I ask your people to do is come up with a technology to 'beam us up', when we travel, because despite my fancy accommodations in bus class, I hate the airports with 100k people, line up for luggage, security all makes you feel you are in economy anyway.

Traveling is only a destination, where once you found pleasure starting at the airport where you meet people. No wonder the airports are equipped with fancy lounges, gyms, movie theaters, massage parlors.. you will see it in my movie...class level event better than in your land, you just have to pay for it... finally, the airports have become the DESTINATION!. I rest my case. Will ell u more bout my trip on next posting. Cheers for now. SB