Lisbon (Social Activities)

Friday/Sat: First day dinner at the marina (Dock 6) and walkabout. Similar evening next day dinner at Severe Restaurant listening to Fado etc...then went to the Marina for same music and dancing. Run into the club that were sponsoring the Vilamoura Black Jack Dancing Girls. Won one of their CDs from the dancing girls as she picked e from the crowd, maybe she noticed I was dancing to her tune.Tue: Next Gala dinner was at the famous 'Convent' Museum.

Wed: site seeing with colleagues... dinner 2x @.......restaurant, hosted by Russians, They got accredited plus in honor of my assistance to the group coming to ICANN and IDN WG. Then we went again for a crab grab upon Yoav's request.

Next day was City tour with Yoav and Kohn. Vsited the 'Castel de Sao Jorge' castle also called Tower of Ulysses, named after the founder f Lisbon, a 360 degree view of Lisbon real time. Then stopped for coffee at the town square sitting outside and watching beautiful people, smoke cigar, great tester they have...those Euro cookies that I grew up with. ...very delicious

Thru: Lunch with RR..sexy and witty..a dangerous liaison in ICANN.Fri: Off to Casino in ....with the Russians..
Sat: Off to Algarve