São Paulo ---Samba...here we come Brazil!!

São Paulo, Brazil:

Still grand and lots of space as I left it 4 years ago. Sau Paulo even looks trendier and fast developing.

My experience has been interesting , however ---
-morumbie shopping center brazilian sports: to get cash after 5 stand up machines still had to go to citibank.. was seamless..help from shop owner very nice ..no one speaks english except her..great hospitality..with steve & cavin next day..had lunch @ Babaroca @ Murumbi center went shopping after..then..

Daslu an amazing place Beverly hills came to SP blk cars uniformed guards and gated campus..it is all a show..santa was coming big crowed free champagne and coffee inside three bars smoked cigar and posed living la vida loca..next day sunday..ICANN meeting...next outing UNIQUE & Fasano..next Ecco on rue & Amauri hippest place has &Argentinian wine Carbere Suav reserve 2004 everything else is bottle.food Mini Brazilian dumplings appetizers.. flounder with fresh green grapes & almonds & steam vegetables.. no the host suggested salmon with mushroom nd wild rice was delicious... Desert..was anna banana w walnuts..ok banana was hot and then there was the ice cream..can't smoke cigar pitza and cheese dumplings seem to be from chef ..services bad..no one pays attention except smile nice but no attention specially if u do not speak language.
Next day sponsorship of host dinner host at .....great opening show w gymnastics & brazilian beat..fantastic...then clubbing at Lotus club by world trade center..cest models & movie stars..football players..dance pop..till 3am..my nick name madona...the next day was quite next evening was at mulatos dancing better than .... Great faces & bodies w amazing music..affiliated with african music ok ..had lots of fun w Avri & Robbin...

Next day was exercise then off to park ibirapuera park...city tour including the niemeyer 800 seat concert all inside park & stop at jardines to have lunch at Zdeli Jewish patisserie recommended by NY paper ave ..was under construction to be festives tomorrow never seen us as posh as this...then stop at Paris6 cafe cte french bistro at corner on...rua haddock lobo 1240 can only stay for coffee since I found the place surrounded by elderly women seem like they r celebrating a birthday and the guys sitting next to me seem to laugh at them which was responded badly by me ...then walked up the street found Fidele an open wine bar finally it is the Renaissance hotel..very elegant and fully English speaking staff..had them booked for DOM for dinner to come back to their Havana club after 9pm where the place kicks off said the Consiege. Ok time 4 DOM to try celebrity chef Alex Atala to be Dominos Optimos & Msximus. Confetti was tuna Pate garlic and goat cheese aopetiser is paoaya & fruit with shrimp mamamiya freshest fruit main course white fish w restaurant famous tapioca souce seem like there are more service People walking in restaurant also taking notes must be than customer I to make u wonder if it is 3rd world labor. 12 for 16 tables Hum the tables r decorated with Ven perquot Champagen and french style setting w as much gadget as there are service people..interesting a cute blk girl walked in and all of a sudden I watched her pick up spoils on the floors all the way from entrance to kitchen.. She seem very unhappy and left without talking to anyone..humm does slave labor still exist I got thinking..then came the famous entire watched server pour the tapioca sauce over my fish..my my host came over to explain spoon is to taste sauce while eating fish...amazing culinary tapioca seed like structure melts in yr mouth so it is true within an hr the restaurant was full.. Bckground music..flavor of girl inpanima...perfect braziil..everyone is amost couple wanted to make me feek I wished? No I was not at al in that space.. Desert was served by a paulista diaspora from new york yer another one from the bar..cute accent yes 200 per review and offbi go to Emeliano other hotels have Mercedes the Emeliano has its own helicopter and pad says amex review and a trueover-the-top Paulista form..lobby chairs the gold bar buffet chair by campana brothers saunas with flat screen tvs.lovers seating next to me..whispered paparazzi when I was taking pics.. was drinking cafe au lait w the famous zero cal sweetener most fashionable hotel so far w an open space lobby bar and adjacent restaurant..ok found the perfect book when I turned my head from where I was sitting in between collection of books and the Perrier jouet champagnes around them gl- get a life without sacrificing yr career by Dianna Booher copyright 1997.

Next I was informed by Emeliano the place to buy cigars & so I walked few blocks and found Reinnes who local clerks did not know but by the high end restaurant gatekeeper as the later gave me directions while the clerks did not have a clu. So I went in cute joint not large has a flat screen music video playing American sort of jazz music. Met by the owner as the salesgirl could not speak English..then came in and out his friends who r looking 4 action. The owner whose name I do not remember was a kind gentleman patient as he was going thru various prices w me on the unmarked cigars with the assistant of the salesgirl who had the pricelist. With his recomm I bought decent cigars w decent prices..he then asked if I wanted to have coffee I sat down as a big blond as she says it chatty women who I believe later was drawing herself with drinks. He husband who was coming in out of the cigar humidifier
then it was the local airport to rio drama of course I was late ..late in that right on time the usual suspect kinda thing and of course I am a pro at being late and begging 4 pity the help girls to help me since only english etc to see me to the end..so I asked one of the girls to walk with me..who would say no except in the I do not care if u are lost culture of the united states ..so she was at my servicé and got me thru everything told me to hurry to gate 11 upstairs which required a  bicycle to get there think going thru security was a problem nada..nothing beeped it was trying to walk a mile per minute to gate 11 za when I gate there ok it is turned to gate 12 u better insist validating with more than one local to get to where u want to cause announcement is 99perc of the time