Jet Set to Rio de Janero

Rio ---carioca gostosa
Arrive @ hotel Meridian Copacabana took taxi from airport seem to hv been luck to cut and fixed ticket cause from the two lines that stood to get taxi the bother one was a metered taxi which could break yr banks said a Paulistano that i asked who stood in front of me. it took almost 45 minutes to get to hotel thru 2 tubes and all.
Changed trying to go out @ 11pm was not a success specialty on Sunday most places were empty concierge sent me to echo cafe well a cigar smoking joint with all the Mexican servers u can get.. aside from the few people that were dining..place was not my type at all. After buying Cuban cigars for my friend in SA who asked I took a u turn and left with a taxi for the next place another concierge recommended shenanigans..from the name I was weary anyway..sounded like the place I knew in Berkely CA and so it was worse taxi thought I was going to go out when I told him the next place is to be Ceasar Park went out and lived in memory of 9yrs how life is I thought bar was empty exchanged convers with front desk about hotel being owned by American company news to me was his response and then
Went 4 breakfast
--Basanova happy hr in hotel was got into my benz hotel taxi..of course u oay for it...great.buy one and 2nd on us three in a band took pics.. Cariocas happy people
did not like fist place second was closed taxi dropped me at first nice man speaks good English offered his phone in case I need ride bk etcc. Made a u turn again after learning no place to seat manager came took care of me 15 riels I was suppose to pay for a good time he wrote me the ok pass for the door man have him call my driver who came bk in t3 minutes.. Then we drove around town showed me the big xmas three at the ritzy flamingo neighborhood dropped me w a splash at the famous sushi leblon where he taked to the host and took care of my entrance by opening my good walking me to the door etc make me fee like a star. and so they treated me..went and sat on a round table two guys on both sides right from Portugal & Spain left from rio carioca so spent adf min in conversation with the Portuguese
I saw everyone's eye on me they seem all handsome carioca men openly flirting loved it.. I thought os wanting to get to know everyone being in the middle also was helpful as I started talking left & right even across one good looks eccod where I was from my answer 'planet earth' heard the laughter around the table..ok and u I asked bk..chile he siad and so is my friend here..sorry about the news on Pinoche I said read few days ago. He said I don't care. They are in the TV business media is what I will say after talking to them. Guy next to him fairly attractive as well was staring at me all night. Send him a message as I thought he would not understand English...'as him why he is drinking a bottle of champagne by himself is he celebrating his divorce?' the crowd burst out laughing. Then I paid my bills and said polit good byes

Margaret Me Jardin agastier stores with Xaniel and jewelry
Airport arrive on time 4 change but hey this is Rio flight was delayed oh no it is 40 minues now..everyone was getting aprehensive specialy me when I had to catch a connecting flight to SA from SP intl airport.
flight to sp was good after snaks we arrived at sp airport certaony a difference in quality I mean vs rio. Got to the ted & white taxi to which my hotel in sp has instructed me to take if I want to add bill on my hotel account which was yet to be settled with me when I get back. Taxi took more reals than before 44 Vs 30 to 40 which is a big diff if u ask me and I could swear I read the meter to be 18 when I was traveling to rio. Well I started justifying z Brasil must be on taxi economy. I complained about the whole bill and lack of clarity in comm skills w everyone they sent me an Asian supervisor whoresolved some of the issues for . Well not from monetary but holistic solutions. Thanked her genouenly and said good bye to all and left. B can't help but to think that the front desk people are saying gey het high maontejance ass out of here. Off it was me and the taxi driver who speakes little english and had 'music international' in his car. I was seeing as we stopped for traffic in our 1 hr drive to airoort a lot of shope w bridal gown displays showing me there is still a fantasy in Brazil as well of an old fashioned wedding..how nice I say almost being sure it would be magic 4 me to gobthru this...which reflects much of what I always think about marriage in 50 years a story of fairytell belonging in the musium cultural. In fact thatbis what I think of religion which isbnot a subject of this memoria. I am always amazed to also see the town populated with the over larger than life billboards of adds usuallydisaying beautiful Brazilian girls - the marketing mogules of products localv& inter
arriving @ Sp aiport taxi helped me with my luggage and off I go to SA ckin..not really friendly I saw the two people at the ticket counter quickly smile as she run thru my bus ticket..and she asked for passport and then for my phone whuch I politly gave my crll no and she said notba SA phone need a local no and name..i said well I am going to over 7 countries so what phone and contact do u want.? Hotel nos and people she quivkly said no problem not necessary...
On flight cute guy and spray sweet smelll exvellentvfoodbwhite fish samon ice crteam SAbwine carb from stallengburge aiport immidration officer asked for yellow fever card which when I asked why he said coming from SP so I had to say I passe†thru and nor enteredbasbhe insisted I saidbentered I seem to have finally convinced him when I told him english is not my first language and my enter means pass thru transfer etc.. he let me pass and commented if it was anotyer guy line and I thanked him as he mutterd see u when u get back then it was the declaration place that stopped me andbobviouslybnot being usedto it I complained and told yhe guy he better put all mybproperty in order and he was so careful when he is going thru it as I stood with arrogance and attitide and asking why they do not do the same to as I point out to the oassing customer while they werebconviniently for me when the boss type officer teyied to politly explain they do it in randum I then asked do peple traveling from Brazil bring food he said yes and I said conviniently well I am traveling from the state..with more attyitude of implying we have plenty of food ha ha and thrn guy finished touching not even searching my luggage due to being wearly about mybmeticulously packed lugge. I even had my protine shiek which was packed in my hand luggage he did not even find although if he did I was going to scream and explian that little powder u see costs 60 dollars so I was saved by his unthrough serach then came the taxi I took after asking info center for best price who is who etc as a crew of taxi drivers populated me as I made my reserv from the internet did not getba chance to ask for car from hotel so I tooknabtaxi for 280 Rand a