Jet set to Plettenberg Bay ( on the Garden Route)

Pletterberg Bay - Where Alan lived.....Alan is my Accountant in Addis who bought this vacation beach house in Pletteburg bay. Alan picked me up, although I met a guy on the plane who wanted to drive me to plett, also met anothet guy who leaves in rio but from NY. Sounds like a vaction town I said, everone in the mood and friendly ok!.

So Alan drove thru and we met his son. aka T, wow he is good looking, I said, the kind u fall for in as a summer love. Alan's beach house is no like other I have seen. Beautiful wooden smells fresh with its new pain.... Went to my room on 3rd floor next to the salon and across T's room ... went to dinner@ Enrico's just down the street driving distance ....owner as warned Italian but all over me ..as he will for any new legs, cute too I saw those wondering eyes, first time I walked in anyway.. Next day, waking up was great as Alan left a note under my room great handwriting saying where coffee was. Later, we went to Plettenburg hotel wow a French Relais Chateaux collection magnificent view @lookout beach on deck bar with Alan & Son now band playing one of SA's top bands Parlotones Evolver Quevero promotion great scenery sterega digestive torrone desert candy almond hard new guard amaro digestive; went and signed up w GYM great place excellent equip technology, certainly upgraded its machines upto par w cybertech.

Few days later, met Phill (fellow I met in Joburg) and brother, all cute, said they were kayaking 4 last 2 days. Talked of catching up later spent literally 3 hours @ Gym 1 hr card rest exhausting the machines went shopping @ beach shop I eyed yesterday bought a lot of cute stuff shorts flip flops tops hats purses all with it..found something to wear at NY I said all beachwear on beach right?
Went and sat down at coffee shop passed by tattoo table and had a chat with the artist who welcomed me to the various designs after fliping thru told her will come back after shower. Noticed she did not have machine on her table so I commented that she must not take credit card, as we could have had a chance to tattoo ourselves all over our bodies... Then I went & sat down at what looks like the upmarket coffee shop ordered cafe late as everyone watch ed and read my Brazil advertised gym wear including the owner who came & greeted me and asked if all is ok as he stared at my chest where Brazil is advertized..sure he must think am from there.. noticed local families I belive kiss on the mouth .

Jeffreys Bay town 150 east of plett best surf billabong first blk language is called xhosa mandela's language am like an octopus feel everyone had mix of drinks @ chris's & Jeanne the developer that did the beach property he made us a watermelon w orange juice and vodka neighbours came chardonnay Danie de wet a Robertson the De Wetshof Bateleur 2003 @ Fu.shi fusion w sushi xmad inner @ chris bessrotti import export plastic recyclers talking about me good at finding my Queenie spot of power a moving power pp listen to katie melua - Piece by piece I cried 4 u ; Ara & Nel owners of upper deck; went to the Polo event did I learn I had caused a commotion in the upper crest society... will not go deep into it..leave it for one's imagination... I played my part as an actress in a movie...

Next day, at jhb airport, I arrived well chatting lovely with a man who was picking up his daughter flying from sydney to meet her whole family in George, after walking thru the new airport construction to the intl airport check in I got on board almost missing the plane as I was too busy shopping. And off I went to singapore...via singapore air... it is like being in my livingroom , except I have over 3 people catering to me... heaven. Yes, it is business class! Cheers!