A great day to drive to Mountain view, 52 minutes according to Google map and so it was. So I arrived at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA. Ok is that "google" street name I am (Click on all the pictures....you will see more) I found a parking spot, although I noticed a "valet parking". I went to the visitors area, which seem to be situated in every building on the compound. Did I need to sign an NDA to get in, yes all electronically as well, including my sign-in. Ok I felt I was visiting FBI. So I asked the front desk guy, what the NDA is all about... He relived me when he mentioned 'product; cause I have all intention of blogging what I saw, with the exception, I could not take pictures inside the complexes, only outside.

Who cares however, I was visiting and being hosted by the famous Dr. Vint Cerf, sooooo I get to get the special tour I requested (not avail for general public, I was told by the visitors desk) with him coming along, so I got my photo opp with the the famous "dinosaur " in our background!. At any rate, we had lunch and as Vint tells me everything is for free, we ate at the MAIN cafe, hum , so there is a cafe in every building, like I learned there is a Micro kitchen in every kitchen with chefs standing around with their white gowns and caps, as well as a Gym at every building and even a laundry room... does any one have to go home then? Ok there are bicycles parks at every building for running around the compound...I think I may have also seen some scooters and Vespas

So I will say having a tour of Google HQ, with the founder of the Internet, plus lunch, and photo with the dinosaur does not always happen at the same time ..key word here is Internet, Dr. Vint Cerf, Google Tour...that is, a hard one to catch!!.
So what is this to the left: yes a pic of the oldest server, said the attendant; and how old I asked thinking 1970s or something ...no 1998 sever he said. I guess given average age of employees at Google is 26, 1998 is pretty old!!!
So to what do I charge these hours with my company? Research? Bus dev?, time off?.... i think the later suits me fine!... Cheers. sb

Ok two links worth of your time...