Rainy Seattle..

So I am off today for business in Seattle.... my flight is from SFO, for 2 eves, I only took a carry -on which was great! Arrive in Seattle - the worst airport I have ever been ...bad info system, bad design. Hotel was great ...Starwood as usual.... excellent service..view was great from the suite, Belleveu, seem one of the trendies towns with all the ritzy stores and bars around...but have no elegance or a sense of city design..so be it. Places are chic inside and people are fairly fashionable, high priced geeks at my hotel..excellent wine tasting (Seattle has great Merlos BTW) at the hotal bar; the Seaside restaurant for dinner, and Jowes for hangout and some pool playing dance club across the street -wow makes you feel ike you are in Europe. Elegant starbucks coffee shops with the music and everything else was around, despite the new CEO is to get rid of that!! weather was bad and so I did not mind leaving soon...Bye Bye Seattle.