June 2010 Cote d"ivore, Abidjan was a lot of fun.

Abidjan, Core d'ivore: Place where I have never been,but anxious due to its history of the Paris of Africa. Of course
African Development Bank( ADB) to
which I was going as a delegate, was headquartered in the city years back.

ADB annual meeting is all about seeing Bankers in suits, now real suits I say. The ones from Paris are amazingly chick. It is certainly a place of money and finance. Beats silicon valley in "appearance":). I was at the hotel exchange window when I was struggling to cash my Kenya shillings to dollar and then to the local again,when a Banker volunteers to just give me the exact change in local currency. he was faster to calculate than the women at the front desk, and left swiftly,when the women confirmed it was correct, he said he was going to Kenya next week sohe will need a shilling anyway. There you go, no need to take worry about exchnage issues when you are around Bankers. Reminded me of my days in Wall Street.