May 2010 - A Glimps of Qatar

Qatar Air was amazing....i took note of the Arabic writing on the airline head screen. Known to be one of the richest cities in the world, and its Formula 1 hosting, I looked forward to seeing the glitz.
Although one night, the city is really planned such as this, and there i an amazing level of building developments like most who did before the financial crises. The architectures were many and of different verities.

I met an airline hostess during the inbound flight while stretching my legs during flight whom I spent the many hrs chatting. She was a very beautiful girl originally from Morocco. She told me she was off to marry one of the rich royalties who had proposed to her and will set her up with her own business etc...she spoke of a boutique when I asked.

I congratulated her , although it made me relflect on how things in the rich world still take an old fashioned form. Hoping for a fairly tell marriage for her,I wished her well and went bk to my seat. She later gave me her contact for Qatar in case I visit in the future.

There is a pic of women at immigration that was willing to give me her pose.Bless her.It was fascinating to see that at the immigration.