Washington 2010 - New York - Lobby Lobby Lobby

Washington DC: Always love to go there. Politics and wine come together as one roams around the city with one's agenda. And mine was to get the dotafrica name out there and to influence the influences to get it to the Washington agenda. It is time for Africa I spoke all around. To my surprise, all this week, the Black Caucus week, where we were invited as delegation from Africa, of course the Agenda was the African continent and how we can include AAfrica in the global digital agenda. And then I traveled to New york to the UN General assembly, I in fact took the fast train for the first time and got off at the Grand station, where I took a taxi to my Hotel at Waldorf, which I found out soon was full with the Presidents and his delegation staying there, so moved by a friend to Hilton. of course, I had no plans to come to NY, so did even expect to even get a hotel at this time? certainly knowing me,I was to going to stay a New Jersey or somewhere,so is always luck and timing with Sophia, I managed.

See everysay at the Waldorf, the Obamas come in and out, with the whole state asset following them including the paramedics was quite a vibrating scene, people taking pictures and videos, which i shared with you here an bit. The glossy motor cycles and dozens of black 4 wheels that park at the hotel shows the US presidential security at its best.
Of coursee may heads of states including the Nigerian delegation was staying at Waldorf. I call it the whole bureaucracy!!!  But I tell you , everyone comes with their glitzy suits and best of the best national dresses confirming it is a UN meeting. Fascinating.
Of course I was chasing presidents and also visiting the AU offices and meeting the who is who's and making sure my iphone is loaded with their contacts..."see u later"... as I know there is no time to make serious discussions now.
Yea the running machine you see is at my hotel as I watch the celebrity Obama make his speech at the UN. And yes, the campaign shoes was just that... what you see here. And this was from Lagos BTW and not New york, as you might think. Hence the price is the same! And the taxi u see above, ha is what I was using to get around to see people, as the regular taxi takes nearly 40min for 5 block drive. /tata