July 2010 - South Africa - World Cup

South Africa: The World cup event, was an amazing experience. Shutting between the two cities Capetown and Jo-Burg, despite accommodation issues here and there, I had a great time. Invited by the African leadership forum, I spoke on dotafrica, re-branding Africa theme.Many who is who of Africa figures were there. The Capetown leg at the was beautiful. 12 Apostles Hotel over the sea cliff. It seem nothing can go wrong when you stand over the balcony; with the exception the weather seem below 10 degrees.

After the speeches and dinners and networking, I went down with some friends to Soweto to see where Mandela was born and raised. it was an amazing experience. While one can see abject poverty and townships there, the city has also transformed into a great metropolis,with large modern shopping centers that which equals Joburg. Had great restaurants, where we has some lunch and the driver took us back to Hotel.