October 2010: Back to Bay Area - Sunny California

Walnut Creek, Cal. Ok it was so nice and even emotional to get back after 8 months on the road... all unexpected and what a marvel.. I had quite a journey...worth telling stories
or that is for sure... so here I am so blessed to enjoy the Cali weather... After hitting my place, I refused to make any phone calls and dwell-ed in my bed for 3 days jst being


I then too my bike out to take to town, as I was even not comfortable yet driving my car, as if I have forgotten to drive. My silver spoon life style in Africa and travel spoils me so much with drivers and maids and help in all direction, I feel dysfunctional for a week until I adjust bk to the routine here. Yek, I have to do my own grocery now, was my own cloths?, my my, preparing feed was never a problem for me as I can live on break and cheese alone along with some tea,toast and cornflakes.

Anyway, my sis always stops bye to inaugurate the moment and frequently visits, so we hit the new sushi bars,trending now is "Sasa' and also "Havana" is still hot along with "1515". The rest of the few weeks I spent walking around, my place very close to the town, and catching up at Barns & Nobles; Nobles, the trending business journals and Hollywood gossip magazines, will stop by Starbucks,and pedicure for soaking my feet and message and also visit my favorite electronic stores...iphone, radio shack, best buys etc.. update myself with the latest gears and assure myself I have reached my destination, the USA!. I am so in my element! means happy! Yes these are the simple things that I cherish in one Village lifestyle, a home coming after gallivanting the world sure makes me emotional. Here left is a picture of me BLOND. ha ha

I even found myself taking iphone pictures of the town as if I will not come back...including when I passed by and remembered gladly to snap a photo of the street lamp I sponsored ages ago to beautify the town, certainly a standing memory of our life in Walnut Creek with my sister, to whom I dedicated the lamp at the time (see pic above).

Then going out to other local events like silicon valley and making noise on Entrepreneurship, start-ups etc... Photo taken by BAIA eventhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/baia/sets/72157625051246927/detail/?page=5
Well, I love u 2. Bye for now.