May 2010 - Tripoly, Libya

Tripoli, Libya: Wow, it was hot...my first time. Was an interesting drive
from airport ..long, not quite polished as I expected, is like watching sort of a desert...wondered what the hotel I will stay in. Passed thrugh uptown where we passed the Parliament and city hall, brother Leaders Mommar Qaddafi's pictures all over the roads, shows the old and new city.

Arrived and indeed, was received with warm African hospitality, Hotel Raddison. Asked for a room with a view as usual and I got it...everything was meticulously arranged. Went straight for the Gym, then health spa, message and facials and all bit. I did not wake up til next day...conference few days and back to touring Tripoli , beaches our of town and city tours which has the modern shopping centers and coffee shops by the beach..
Country looks ready to develop,integrate and embrasse the outside world and people.

Great place and food, where one wants to enjy beach and great service. I hear women are treaed real well, as I was. speaking Arabic helps!

Far right picture is with Volkswagen that Leader Qaddafi's used to drive during the struggle, which now is kept at the local Museum.