October 2010: Back to Bay Area - Sunny California

Walnut Creek, Cal. Ok it was so nice and even emotional to get back after 8 months on the road... all unexpected and what a marvel.. I had quite a journey...worth telling stories
or that is for sure... so here I am so blessed to enjoy the Cali weather... After hitting my place, I refused to make any phone calls and dwell-ed in my bed for 3 days jst being


I then too my bike out to take to town, as I was even not comfortable yet driving my car, as if I have forgotten to drive. My silver spoon life style in Africa and travel spoils me so much with drivers and maids and help in all direction, I feel dysfunctional for a week until I adjust bk to the routine here. Yek, I have to do my own grocery now, was my own cloths?, my my, preparing feed was never a problem for me as I can live on break and cheese alone along with some tea,toast and cornflakes.

Anyway, my sis always stops bye to inaugurate the moment and frequently visits, so we hit the new sushi bars,trending now is "Sasa' and also "Havana" is still hot along with "1515". The rest of the few weeks I spent walking around, my place very close to the town, and catching up at Barns & Nobles; Nobles, the trending business journals and Hollywood gossip magazines, will stop by Starbucks,and pedicure for soaking my feet and message and also visit my favorite electronic stores...iphone, radio shack, best buys etc.. update myself with the latest gears and assure myself I have reached my destination, the USA!. I am so in my element! means happy! Yes these are the simple things that I cherish in one Village lifestyle, a home coming after gallivanting the world sure makes me emotional. Here left is a picture of me BLOND. ha ha

I even found myself taking iphone pictures of the town as if I will not come back...including when I passed by and remembered gladly to snap a photo of the street lamp I sponsored ages ago to beautify the town, certainly a standing memory of our life in Walnut Creek with my sister, to whom I dedicated the lamp at the time (see pic above).

Then going out to other local events like silicon valley and making noise on Entrepreneurship, start-ups etc... Photo taken by BAIA eventhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/baia/sets/72157625051246927/detail/?page=5
Well, I love u 2. Bye for now.

Washington 2010 - New York - Lobby Lobby Lobby

Washington DC: Always love to go there. Politics and wine come together as one roams around the city with one's agenda. And mine was to get the dotafrica name out there and to influence the influences to get it to the Washington agenda. It is time for Africa I spoke all around. To my surprise, all this week, the Black Caucus week, where we were invited as delegation from Africa, of course the Agenda was the African continent and how we can include AAfrica in the global digital agenda. And then I traveled to New york to the UN General assembly, I in fact took the fast train for the first time and got off at the Grand station, where I took a taxi to my Hotel at Waldorf, which I found out soon was full with the Presidents and his delegation staying there, so moved by a friend to Hilton. of course, I had no plans to come to NY, so did even expect to even get a hotel at this time? certainly knowing me,I was to going to stay a New Jersey or somewhere,so is always luck and timing with Sophia, I managed.

See everysay at the Waldorf, the Obamas come in and out, with the whole state asset following them including the paramedics was quite a vibrating scene, people taking pictures and videos, which i shared with you here an bit. The glossy motor cycles and dozens of black 4 wheels that park at the hotel shows the US presidential security at its best.
Of coursee may heads of states including the Nigerian delegation was staying at Waldorf. I call it the whole bureaucracy!!!  But I tell you , everyone comes with their glitzy suits and best of the best national dresses confirming it is a UN meeting. Fascinating.
Of course I was chasing presidents and also visiting the AU offices and meeting the who is who's and making sure my iphone is loaded with their contacts..."see u later"... as I know there is no time to make serious discussions now.
Yea the running machine you see is at my hotel as I watch the celebrity Obama make his speech at the UN. And yes, the campaign shoes was just that... what you see here. And this was from Lagos BTW and not New york, as you might think. Hence the price is the same! And the taxi u see above, ha is what I was using to get around to see people, as the regular taxi takes nearly 40min for 5 block drive. /tata


August 2010 - Kampala, Uganda

2Uganda, Kampala: My first trip, I could only think, land of the Idi Amin. I got picked up at the airport, VIP style and dropped at my Hotel. The road to town was nearly 50 min , so i get to see the land and its people all around. It was hot and I can see a c

Civilized culture buried in poverty, not as bad as some African countries ,but it was there. Then the city rises in front of us, all of a sudden and I see Kampala, with all it buzz and it industrious people. High rise hotels, Banks, shops and beautiful parks. The residential area is amazing, the types of homes, very elegant, ambassadorial type, quite neighbors and manicured gardens.


July 2010 - South Africa - World Cup

South Africa: The World cup event, was an amazing experience. Shutting between the two cities Capetown and Jo-Burg, despite accommodation issues here and there, I had a great time. Invited by the African leadership forum, I spoke on dotafrica, re-branding Africa theme.Many who is who of Africa figures were there. The Capetown leg at the was beautiful. 12 Apostles Hotel over the sea cliff. It seem nothing can go wrong when you stand over the balcony; with the exception the weather seem below 10 degrees.

After the speeches and dinners and networking, I went down with some friends to Soweto to see where Mandela was born and raised. it was an amazing experience. While one can see abject poverty and townships there, the city has also transformed into a great metropolis,with large modern shopping centers that which equals Joburg. Had great restaurants, where we has some lunch and the driver took us back to Hotel.


June 2010 Cote d"ivore, Abidjan was a lot of fun.

Abidjan, Core d'ivore: Place where I have never been,but anxious due to its history of the Paris of Africa. Of course
African Development Bank( ADB) to
which I was going as a delegate, was headquartered in the city years back.

ADB annual meeting is all about seeing Bankers in suits, now real suits I say. The ones from Paris are amazingly chick. It is certainly a place of money and finance. Beats silicon valley in "appearance":). I was at the hotel exchange window when I was struggling to cash my Kenya shillings to dollar and then to the local again,when a Banker volunteers to just give me the exact change in local currency. he was faster to calculate than the women at the front desk, and left swiftly,when the women confirmed it was correct, he said he was going to Kenya next week sohe will need a shilling anyway. There you go, no need to take worry about exchnage issues when you are around Bankers. Reminded me of my days in Wall Street.


May 2010 - Tripoly, Libya

Tripoli, Libya: Wow, it was hot...my first time. Was an interesting drive
from airport ..long, not quite polished as I expected, is like watching sort of a desert...wondered what the hotel I will stay in. Passed thrugh uptown where we passed the Parliament and city hall, brother Leaders Mommar Qaddafi's pictures all over the roads, shows the old and new city.

Arrived and indeed, was received with warm African hospitality, Hotel Raddison. Asked for a room with a view as usual and I got it...everything was meticulously arranged. Went straight for the Gym, then health spa, message and facials and all bit. I did not wake up til next day...conference few days and back to touring Tripoli , beaches our of town and city tours which has the modern shopping centers and coffee shops by the beach..
Country looks ready to develop,integrate and embrasse the outside world and people.

Great place and food, where one wants to enjy beach and great service. I hear women are treaed real well, as I was. speaking Arabic helps!

Far right picture is with Volkswagen that Leader Qaddafi's used to drive during the struggle, which now is kept at the local Museum.

May 2010 - A Glimps of Qatar

Qatar Air was amazing....i took note of the Arabic writing on the airline head screen. Known to be one of the richest cities in the world, and its Formula 1 hosting, I looked forward to seeing the glitz.
Although one night, the city is really planned such as this, and there i an amazing level of building developments like most who did before the financial crises. The architectures were many and of different verities.

I met an airline hostess during the inbound flight while stretching my legs during flight whom I spent the many hrs chatting. She was a very beautiful girl originally from Morocco. She told me she was off to marry one of the rich royalties who had proposed to her and will set her up with her own business etc...she spoke of a boutique when I asked.

I congratulated her , although it made me relflect on how things in the rich world still take an old fashioned form. Hoping for a fairly tell marriage for her,I wished her well and went bk to my seat. She later gave me her contact for Qatar in case I visit in the future.

There is a pic of women at immigration that was willing to give me her pose.Bless her.It was fascinating to see that at the immigration.

April 2010- Lagos Nigeria

Lagos Nigeria: . My first trip to Lagos. Too Excited to arrive there. Took KQ-Kenya Airways. nearly 7 hrs flight. Was a crowded plane yet comfortable, food was great and so was service. I started wonder there are planes wow especially in Africa that are aspire as good as my favorite Lufthansa. Hardly I ever took African plane in the past or traveled in inter-africa much. Airport went well, got picked up by AITEC driver. Went directly to Eco Hotel, one of the best in Nigeria. Beautiful lagoon view from view.

Pictures from event of the next days, below.

The Miss Nigeria beauty context was held at the hotel, a week's worth of delight and traffic made our stay much glamorous than a speaking event I had.